SENIO -rivitanssi® in Finland is a method based on line dance instruction and dance selection specifically directed at teaching line dancing to seniors. Slow, special method of teaching and suitable line dances allow the seniors to learn balance and motor skills. Furthermore, line dancing improves concentration and memory, while still taking into account the limitations in mobility of senior aged individuals. It is important that the dance instructor sees the learning ability from the seniors' viewpoint. There are many ways to learn. The learning is faciliated by slow progression and suitable song choices. Humming along to a familiar tune (e.g., Finnish song) while dancing brings a fun element to the learning experience.

Different dance genres often emphasize styling (e.g. hip movement in Latin dancing). Line dancing is versatile, as it can be danced to various different music genres (country, foxtrot, waltz, tango, cha cha, rumba, salsa, rock, blues, humppa, samba, etc.). However, more important for seniors is to find their own style to dance, because the selection of movements is so vast in line dancing. Difficult movements can be replaced with easier ones. Many dance videos contain variations, where the steps have been made easier. Most of the dancers in the videos are seniors.

The website is directed to both those just starting the hobby of line dancing, and to those who need to practice. The dance list is compiled of dances that are well-liked and danced in Finland. These could be reviewed, for example, before arriving a line dancing event. The dances are categorized according to the level of difficulty, from beginner to advanced levels.

The website is also a tool for Finnish line dance choreographers. The choreographer may contact us, and we can make a video of his/her dance.


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