Every dance has a stepsheet in two languages, Finnish and English! The stepsheet can be located in several level categories. For instance, a dance can be found from both beginner and improver levels. This is because categorizing to levels is subjective. Choreographer has written the sheet, but  the dancer  might feel the dance in different way. When you click only the Stepsheets -title, all the dances are seen on same page. Register or log in from here

Every dance has short video clips. There is one or two music videos of the dance and one teaching video, called Slow teaching or Dance Along. The pages also include more demanding dances. If the dance has tags (extra sections) or restarts or long phrased sections (A, B, C,...), you can find the entire dance danced to the music. Also the easier dances have been danced to the music. The artist's name and the name of the song have been given in the description under each video.

The stepsheet page has a tab titled "Terminology". This tab gives you the use of an alphabetical listing of the dance terms. Demonstrations of the most common step sequences can also be found in "Term video."

The videos can be viewed on computer, tablet, smart phone or smart TV.

Note. During the first year, new dances and videos may be added monthly. After the first year, new videos will be posted in the fall.

At the moment, the web pages are not yet perfect nor error-free. Therefore, let us know your thoughts in the Facebook group. You can also suggest new dances and health videos to be added to the website.